Macrame wall hangings for every home

Stylish, bohemian, and decorative knotted cotton macrame wall hangings that will fit any home.

Macrame wall hangings for every home
Decorate your walls.
Decorate your walls. (Elena Putina via Unsplash/)

Although Macrame is a fiber art that has been around for hundreds of years, it’s experiencing a bit of a resurgence as the decor of choice for modern bohemian homes. The art involves the tying of decorative knots with woven textiles, with a natural greige off-white cotton yarn being the most common. Often associated with the style of 1970′s, the art of Macrame evokes an artistic lifestyle.

Wall hangings are a nice addition offering warmth, texture, and pattern for all areas of your home. The subtle visual textures of macrame offer a peaceful vintage vibe. We’ve selected the best macrame wall hangings whether you are looking for a large scale curtain panel, or smaller decorative pieces.

Best for large scale: Flber Macrame Wall Hanging Boho-Inspired Touch Window Curtain

Loose and free.
Loose and free. (Amazon/)

This is a great option if you are looking for a large scale macrame wall hanging to use as a backdrop, decorative privacy curtain, or larger scale wall art. Made out of 100 percent woven cotton rope, the macrame is described as one-of-a-kind—so each one may vary slightly. Hardware is not included in the package, but the manufacturer suggests hanging it with hooks or a curtain rod.

Best for mixing materials: Mkono 2 Pcs Macrame Wall Hanging

Celestial inspiration.
Celestial inspiration. (Amazon/)

This pair of wall hangings feature macrame cotton, gold-colored iron rings, and wooden beads. The combination of circle shapes gives the pair a peaceful, celestial look. Each piece is approximately 12″ wide x 36″ long and can be grouped as a pair, or displayed separately. A good option for the macrame, bohemian look with mixed materials.

Best for display areas: Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

Texture and treasures.
Texture and treasures. (Amazon/)

This wall hanging is unique in that it offers both a textured natural cotton wall hanging and an added wooden shelf. The manufacturer suggests the shelf can be used for plants or vases of cut flowers to add to the decor of a home. The shelf is supported by the attachment of 4mm cotton cording as used in the tapestry. The display shelf is a natural light wood that complements the natural beige of cotton cording. If you are looking for a wall tapestry with the option to display small decorative items—this is a great choice.